Gratton Coulee was started in 1988 by Richard, Rick, and Joe Glover on their family farm in Irma, Alberta, Canada. Over the years, the operation has evolved into a state of the art salvage facility that specializes in the salvage of tractors, combines, and self-propelled forage harvesters. To date, Gratton Coulee has salvaged approximately 3000 units. The yardcovers approximately 50 acres.

Gratton Coulee also specializes in rebuilt and new aftermarket parts. With suppliers from allaround the globe, anda parts locator system that coversNorth America, it'slikely that they can find what you are looking for if they don't have itin stock.

Call 1-888-327-6767 toll free in the US and Canada, (780) 754-2303 locally, and (780) 754-2333 by fax.

Alternatively, we can be reached at by email.

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